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How to Make Scalar UDFs Run Faster (SQL Spackle) – SQLServerCentral

Whenever I have time at work for to do something specifically for myself (not very often), I try to read up some of the latest articles and tips on SQL Server.  I ran into a very interesting one today that might make a big difference in some of the views and transformations that I have … Continue reading

No SA Password, Removed Builtin\Administrator, No Problem (Part 2)

In my previous post, I needed to get into a vendor SQL Server 2000 database that was locked down.  For this situation, I am trying to access another database from the same vendor, but for this system, they are using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.  Again, due to the same draconian policies from the vendor, … Continue reading

No SA Password, Removed Builtin\Administrator, No Problem (Part 1)

So I ran into a slight problem while I was trying to access a vendor database that was running SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE).  This database contained employee information that we wanted to use in automated batch jobs, hence why not just connect to it and access thed data in real-time and do what we … Continue reading

Visual Studio LightSwitch is a Valuable Option

Just recently, our agency became responsible for handling a very high-profile and time sensitive incident, but unfortunately, I was not called in for assistance until a month after the project already started.  As some of you may already have guessed, it was a DBA’s nightmare where there were thousands of records stored in 20 different … Continue reading