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BlackBerry10 Locked APN (with an invalid setting) Solution

I currently use a BlackBerry Z10 and it’s been a well-documented fact that depending on your carrier, your APN settings may be locked with certain SIM cards. While this isn’t usually an issue as the SIM should grab the correct APN for your provider, there is a rare and unique situation where your APN could be locked … Continue reading

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha LED Blinking Issue Solution

So as I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to have attended a BlackBerry 10 developer session and was able to obtain a development device called the Dev Alpha.  However today when I tried to use it, it wouldn’t boot up and instead the LED indicator started flashing red.  It wasn’t some random blinking though, … Continue reading

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5: Issues Deleting a User

As I mentioned in my About page, one of the advantages of my position is that I’m not pigeon-holed into only performing traditional DBA tasks.  One of my projects was to manage the implementation and roll-out of BlackBerry devices, which can query the police database, for officers that patrol on foot or bicycles. The other day, I had … Continue reading