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Missing Formatting Toolbar in Sharepoint

Recently, my team and I noticed that our formatting bar was missing in our SharePoint sites and defaulted to manual HTML tags: Naturally, as a developer, I looked into this briefly and then decided to tough it by doing the formatting manually.  However, with more and more documentation in our IT Wiki, I couldn’t stand … Continue reading

PASS Summit 2013 – My Thoughts and Experience

It’s been a few weeks since The PASS Summit 2013 ended and after a few hectic weeks of playing catch up at work, I finally have some time to write down some of my thoughts and experiences of my very first PASS Summit experience. First, if you don’t have much time to read, you’ve never … Continue reading

BlackBerry10 Locked APN (with an invalid setting) Solution

I currently use a BlackBerry Z10 and it’s been a well-documented fact that depending on your carrier, your APN settings may be locked with certain SIM cards. While this isn’t usually an issue as the SIM should grab the correct APN for your provider, there is a rare and unique situation where your APN could be locked … Continue reading

ArcGIS error with Excel 2010

Our organization is finally deploying Office 2010 to all our employees and as part of that deployment is compatibility testing with our current applications.  Our crime analysts came by an interesting problem where ArcGIS 10 was having issues opening up an Excel 2010 file (xlsx). The culprit of this issue was the fact that the … Continue reading

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha LED Blinking Issue Solution

So as I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to have attended a BlackBerry 10 developer session and was able to obtain a development device called the Dev Alpha.  However today when I tried to use it, it wouldn’t boot up and instead the LED indicator started flashing red.  It wasn’t some random blinking though, … Continue reading

BlackBerry Dev Alpha Program Has Ended Issue Solution

Just recently, I managed to obtain a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.  However when I decided to boot it up today to do some dev work, I got a screen saying that the Dev Alpha program has ended. Luckily restarting it a few times had resolved the issue for now and I don’t get the … Continue reading

How to Make Scalar UDFs Run Faster (SQL Spackle) – SQLServerCentral

Whenever I have time at work for to do something specifically for myself (not very often), I try to read up some of the latest articles and tips on SQL Server.  I ran into a very interesting one today that might make a big difference in some of the views and transformations that I have … Continue reading

No SA Password, Removed Builtin\Administrator, No Problem (Part 2)

In my previous post, I needed to get into a vendor SQL Server 2000 database that was locked down.  For this situation, I am trying to access another database from the same vendor, but for this system, they are using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.  Again, due to the same draconian policies from the vendor, … Continue reading

No SA Password, Removed Builtin\Administrator, No Problem (Part 1)

So I ran into a slight problem while I was trying to access a vendor database that was running SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE).  This database contained employee information that we wanted to use in automated batch jobs, hence why not just connect to it and access thed data in real-time and do what we … Continue reading

BlackBerry Playbooks in Police Cars

BlackBerry Playbooks in Police Cars

Here is an interesting article regarding a company outfitting police cars with the BlackBerry Playbook.

The idea is interesting as a majority of police forces currently use BlackBerry devices due to the fact that they are the only devices that are FIPS 140-2 compliant out of the box.  With Bridge and software made to query police information systems, it’s a no-brainer for the idea to implement the Playbook in the police environment.

However, as an experience IT professional in law enforcement, I have also seen the working environment within a police car, as well as personally observed the abuse that the current mobile data terminals (MDTs) receive in the field (We currently use Panasonic Toughbooks and they still come back with screens broken from finger pressing or accidental bumps).  Just considering those two factors, in my opinion the current iteration of the Playbook is not suitable for such a deployment as the screen is too small and the device is too fragile to withstand any long-term deployments.

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