What is the Purpose of this Blog?

While I was reading up on my daily list of database related blogs, I realized that perhaps I could give back to the community not only with any interesting tips and ideas that I may have, but by providing unique perspectives and scenarios that may bring some insight and understanding into the unique world of law enforcement from the perspective of a DBA.

In addition to the discussion of database related technologies, I will also post about any interesting technological trends and events in the law enforcement world. Hopefully, as readers, this material will be engaging enough to strike up discussions that can assist the entire community.

Who is the Thin Blue DBA?

I currently work with a major metropolitan law enforcement agency as the database architect and I also provide consulting services for other law enforcement related clients.

As the database architect, I have the usual responsibilities of administration, design, development, etc. of our databases.  However, I am lucky to be part of a technologically progressive agency that has given me the opportunity to design enterprise business intelligence solutions as well as crime analysis solutions to solve major cases.  Overall the most important of my job is the fact that I know that every thing I do will have a direct impact on the community.  Be it the mundane daily administration tasks or actively developing a crime solving solution for a specific case, I know that what I am doing is making a difference.

I have always had an affinity with computers and programming at a young age, hence I studied computer science and commerce in university to formally hone my craft.  In addition to my education, I have over 10 years of industry experience with database technologies and I’m glad to say that I’m always learning something new every day.



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