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BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5: Issues Deleting a User

As I mentioned in my About page, one of the advantages of my position is that I’m not pigeon-holed into only performing traditional DBA tasks.  One of my projects was to manage the implementation and roll-out of BlackBerry devices, which can query the police database, for officers that patrol on foot or bicycles. The other day, I had … Continue reading

Visual Studio LightSwitch is a Valuable Option

Just recently, our agency became responsible for handling a very high-profile and time sensitive incident, but unfortunately, I was not called in for assistance until a month after the project already started.  As some of you may already have guessed, it was a DBA’s nightmare where there were thousands of records stored in 20 different … Continue reading

SQL Server Reporting Services – Back Up Encryption Key WMI Error

Reports are an important tool for law enforcement and at the agency I work at, we use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to manage our reporting needs from quick and dirty reports to full fledge strategic reports. One of the most important tasks of managing SSRS is to backup the encryption key that is used … Continue reading

Why Start a Blog?

While I was reading up on my daily list of database related blogs, I realized that perhaps I could give back to the community not only with any interesting tips and ideas that I may have, but by providing unique perspectives and scenarios that may bring some insight and understanding into the unique world of … Continue reading